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Lambs Trunks

These innovatitive LAMBS @getlambs trunks are 99% EMF proof and have even been featured in forbes, GQ, #menshealth and many other publications. 😎 Did you know that EMF (electromagnetic field) is a continuous field produced by electrically charged objects like your cellphones and Wi-Fi?? EMFs can impair cells and genetic materials and although #cellphones have a low frequency they still can cause health risks in the medium and long term. Cellphones emanate about as much EMF as a microwave which may be tolerable except for the fact that men usually place their phones in their pockets. These comfortable hypoallergenic trunks are made of tightly woven mesh silver fibers that creates an electromagnetic shield. If you're curious about the effects EMFs can cause to your man's health and how these trunks and boxers are a necessity in prevention then check out the information on the @getlambs site >>




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