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📬 Don't you just love getting a card in the mail?!

📬 Don't you just love getting a card in the mail?! I created this personalized photo card for Ben and Zelah to let them know I'm grateful for them. I use the @feltapp to send personal, handwritten, photo and greeting cards for any occasion to friends & family all from my phone! I think receiving a card in the mail box is so much more meaningful than just sending a digital card.

📬 The felt app even has a Love Lots feature that allows users to invite friends and family to create and add customizable cards to send to one specific person, place, or organization. The person who creates the Love Lot enters the address so it's all pre-filled out for anyone adding a card to the group mailing (you don't even need know the address). Felt takes care of everything and mails all the cards together so they arrive at the same time.

📬 Felt has set up a specific Love Lot for Dr. Anthony Fauci to send thanks for his service in public health and I sent him one. Let's all show some appreciation for all his years of public service and join his love lot group mailing of the cards! Right now you can get 50% off to send Dr. Anthony Fauci a love lot card or send anyone else any type of personalized card for any occasion with my code: SHANNAN50



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