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Kitchen Play Set 🍳

This @wolvol_toys 2-in-1 folding kitchen cooking set is so fun!! 🍳 (gifted). The playset has a lighted stove that makes various cooking boiling and frying sounds. It comes with little pots, lids, utensils, dishes, cups, vegetabls & other play foods. Zelah has been using it to cook and feed her little bebop robots. It's much better made than other pretend cooking dish sets she had had on the past. My favorite thing about it is how everything fits neatly inside the kitchen for convenient storage. Best of all when she is done playing with it she can close it up and it becomes a cute storage stool that's very sturdy so she can sit on it and do other crafts. It also has a carrying handle do she can easily take it wherever she wants. I think it would make a fun gift for any little girl.🍳 I found it on @amazon at


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