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Ketonia Foods 😍

Wow...these handmade keto friendly coconut macaroons from @ketoniafoods are so fresh, moist and yummy!!! It's hard to believe they're actually #glutenfree, grain free, and low carb with only 60 calories and 1/2 net carb per #macaroon!!. They're made with all natural ingredients like almond flour, coconut, and egg whites. We also loved these #CheeseStraws and they're actually pretty addicting making them just as delicious as they are nutritious! Ketonia is a mother & son premier gluten and grain-free low carb bakery based out of Houston Texas. Their #ketofriendly snacks can now be found on amazon with fast delivery. Try them for 30% off your first order with my code: 30NursesRock ➡

#KetoDiet #WhatDiet


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