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Keto Dog Food

🐶 Did you know that dogs should eat a mostly fat and protein diet (not carbs)??. I also didn't know that most dog food contains mostly carbs! We found a new dog food at @visionarypetfood #KetoDogFood that's low carb, high protein and grain free. It can be served right from the bag or you can add water to release the flavors & aroma of grain free chicken! 🐕 We also like that this carb free recipe doesn't include any feathers, feet or beaks and they only use 100% REAL chicken. My pug loves his new natural #dogfood and we like that it promotes less weight gain, improved digestion, shinier coat and a healthier dog in general.🐶 Try it for your dog & get 10% off this low carb Keto Dog Food with code: fitdog10 at ➡




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