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Just Right Reader 📚

📚 Zelah is beginning to learn how to read so I decided to try out the prek box from @justrightreader to help accelerate the process. My favorite thing about this #subscriptionbox is that it's personalized so she received the perfect books for he reading level. What an excellent way to improve her reading skills so she's ready for school. The Pre-K box teaches good reading habits and helps kids learn their letters and sounds. It ncludes a personalized reading toolkit with 5-7 books , tips for parent's & other tools. Love the little cape and mask that was included in this month's box to help her get into character. I have been encouraging and helping her reread the books to help cement in the process and it is really working. Best of all each of the subscriptions include an option for live tutoring with a reading teacher to accelerate your child's reading . This subscription is designed for prek to 3rd graders. To learn more and get 50% off use code:JUSTRIGHT ➡

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