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Joy Bowl 🌞

ad. 🙆 I've teamed up with Kellogg’s to help spread the word about their new crunchy and creamy @joybol bowls. As a busy mom and now that I've taken on the role of my daughter's teacher I'm often in need of a Joy break to restore my energy. This week is teacher's appreciation week so I'm sending a box to my best friend who is a teacher to let her know how much she's appreciated. These @kelloggsus joyböls are surprisingly yummy and an excellent source of protein for on the go or as an anytime snack to help get me through the day. My favorite flavor is the Chocolate Hazelnut but I also love the Strawberry Almond Quinoa and the Superberries Chia. You can take a #joybol anywhere and they're always so quick and easy are to prepare. 🙆 All you do is add milk or cold water, stir and they're ready to enjoy!! They're now available on @amazon


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