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🍵 It's tea time!! Who doesn't love a fine tea that's environmentally friendly!

🍵 It's tea time!! Who doesn't love a fine tea that's environmentally friendly #zerowaste packaged and also supports small tea farms!! 🌎 I got to try @outwokentea Bold Blue and Purple Kenyan teas. The Bold Blue is a black tea with butterfly pea flower that smells and tastes wonderful. I love the deep blue color of it and it actually changes colors with fresh squeezed lemons 🍋. This tea is sourced from China and mixed with Butterfly Pea Flower from Thailand. Did you know that #butterflypea flowers have many #healthbenefits. The flower is rich in #antioxidants and is also believed to help with regulating blood sugar levels, #cholesterol. The #lemongrass helps with reducing swelling, reduces fevers and so much more. If you’re stressed or have tense shoulders unwind with this blend of herbs and tea. 🍵 The Purple Kenyan tea is equally amazing and it's only grown n Kenya! Purple tea is unique as it is grown over 6,000 feet above sea level. With such an elevation comes a high level of antioxidants. #PurpleTea is believed to help lower blood pressure, help fight against viruses with its anti-inflammatory properties. This tea has many more health benefits with a great history and future. Be sure to check out the Outwoken blog to learn more about this amazing tea. 🌍 I love how #Outwoken

supports small tea farms and by directly sourcing tea you receive a better quality of tea from these small farms. These teas are grown in the mountains, fed with natural spring water, coexisting in ecological reserves and pesticide free. When you support Outwoken, you’re supporting tradition and farmers being able to pass on their history. 🍵 They currently have a variety of amazing unique teas available. To learn more and try a few for yourself visit



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