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🍂 It's pollen season and many people find themselves battling fall allergies!

🍂 It's pollen season and many people find themselves battling fall allergies! Fall allergies, also known as hayfever or allergic rhinitis, are triggered by the release of pollen from various plants during the autumn season.  There are lots of different allergens in the air this time of year including Ragweed, Mold, Dust Mites, Pet Allergens and more. I've been using our Smartmi Air Purifier P1 from smartmi_global

to help combat all these allergens and it works wonders!

🌬️ This compact but mighty air purifier does it all! It's portable super quiet and efficient! It purifies the air across all our rooms and living spaces as large as 320 sqft in about 10-20 minutes. Love how it leaves our rooms healthy, pure and full of fresh air. The smartmis smart control feature is also amazing! When I'm away I simply use my voice, or the app on my phone, to control it and it's compatible with Homekit, Alexa, Google Assistant and the smartmi link app. The Auto Purification is another great feature that can detect the tiniest of particles and when in auto mode it automatically detects and absorbs all the impurities like pet dander, pollen, smoke, and lots more. The H13 HEPA filter guarantees super high efficiency in filtering small particles, and helps soothe and keep our skin healthy. This air purifier has the best Real-Time Display and can display and notify us when the concentration exceeds 150. Plus it's easy to read and the pollen icon uses different colors to inform us all about our current air condition. 

🍂 If your family suffers from fall allergies or if you just want to cleanest air possible visit

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Smartmi Air Purifier P1 -

Regular Price:  $179.99 -- Deal Price: $98.99 (Clip $72 off on-page coupon + Apply $9 off code at checkout)

Discount code:  BFCMP1SM

Expires 12/4

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Smartmi P1 filter


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