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☑️ It's always a good idea to Find Out Everything!

☑️ It's always a good idea to Find Out Everything when you meet new people that may become a part of your or your family's lives. Whether it be new babysitters, housekeepers, roommates, dates or really anyone that's new to you. I use @publicdatacheck to get reports about people before I make any commitments. It's a great tool to protect us from strangers that are coming into our family's life and home. It also could be used as your kids get older as a way to practice SAFE internet skills as you never know who's on the other end of the screen.

☑️ Public Data Check background reports are easy to use too! You simply put any name in the People Search (Name and State) and you can even use the Reverse Phone Lookup (Phone Search). Also super useful for finding family members after losing connection. It's such an easy way to find red flags about someone you know like your #neighbors. Best of all, it's private and anonymous so they won't know you're searching for them!  Check out Public Data Check for yourself and let me know what you think! * link in my bio




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