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🦙 Isn't this punch needle alpaca so adorable!

🦙 Isn't this punch needle alpaca so adorable! This @idiypaint kit comes with everything needed to create your own finished piece to display or give as a #gift. ad 🎁 The kit even has a link to their youtube tutorial videos so you can see all the instructions step by step in motion. I also like how these #idiypaint kits are re-usable so if you want to make another #punchneedle creation all you have to do is order more needle fabric and yarn. The kit even comes with more than enough yarn to cover any beginners mistakes. 🎁 I think this kit makes a fun project or gift for both beginners and experienced crafters. To see the three adorable designs to choose from and get 10% off use code: IG10 for all products on their site ↪️




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