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IProven Health Thermometer 

This is my favorite thermometer from @iProvenhealth 🏣 because it's huge, easy to use & the perfect touchless thermometer for sleeping babies and #toddlers. You can even check their temperature at a 2 - 6 inch away if needed because it has been specifically designed to give you real non-contact accurate readings from a distance. I also like how it can be switched to mute so you won’t wake up your little one if you take a measurement when asleep.The display is huge and easy to read lighting up in green, orange or red, depending on the measured temperature alert which tells you how serious the fever is - even in the dark! It can also measure temperature of an object or a room so there is no more wondering whether your baby’s bottle, food or bath is too hot or too cold! I found this innovative thermometer on @amazon ➡ . #iprovenhealth #🏣 #sponsored .


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