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Infini Towels 👱

These #InfiniTowel eco fiber towels from @tubshroom are amazing!! 🙆 They're so multipurpose and can even replace #papertowels and hand towels (up to 3x more absorbent than normal towels). What a clever way to clean without chemicals. #ecofriendly 🌿 They totally absorb all dust and dirt and for most messes just a few sprays of water is enough to completely clean. Plus they're way better than microfiber towels and leave way less streaks. #InfiniTowel can replace paper towels for things like drying hands, cleaning counters, cabinets, dusting, bathrooms, floors, tiles, grout, spills, glass, car interiors, mirrors, porcelain, upholstery and lots more! l think a pack of 4 is a great deal on @amazon at around $22 and free prime shipping ➡



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