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I've had problems with insomnia for as long as I can remember.

I've had problems with insomnia for as long as I can remember. Not getting enough sleep can cause all sorts issues and is associated with stroke, high blood pressure, heart disease, and more. I've found that sleep rituals have always been an important way for me to get into the sleep mode.

The national sleep foundation recommends between seven and nine hours of sleep a night for healthy adults. And if you go to bed around the same time every night your body establishes a sleep rhythm. Studies have also shown that the things you do to get you into sleep mode are extremely important as well.

One of the sleep rituals I like to do before bed is read and study. My past experiences with doing this has proven that studying or thinking about things I need to remember before bed improves my recall of that information later on. Some other things I like to do as part of my sleep mode routine is to make a list of important things I need to do for the following day. I also like taking a hot bath, yoga, meditation and visualization.

Taking a hot bath before bed a couple hours before I go to sleep is my favorite thing to promote sleep. The warm water soothes my muscles and makes me feel so relaxed.

Studies have shown that a warm bath can quicken the speed of falling asleep by about 36%. I always feel more rested in the morning when I take a hot bath the night before.

I also like to do yoga before bed because it reduces anxiety and soothes my mind, body and soul. Yoga also improves circulation and soothes sore muscles and joint pain. Meditation is also a wonderful way to relax my mind and body plus get rid of distracting thoughts that interfere with getting in my sleep mode. Meditation is a wonderful way to increase your bodies natural melatonin levels to help promote sleep.

Visiualition is another important thing I like to do every night before bed because its another way to help get rid of anxiety and worry. I've found that visualization helps with relaxation. Focus on calming images is great for your overall mental well-being. To get the most out of visualization I first write down what I want and find it helpful to have pictures or drawings of those things. I then imagine all the rewarding emotions involved with the outcome of what I want. also helpful to have pictures or drawings of the things I want.

I also try to avoid napping during the day.

By practicing a bedtime routine and good sleep hygiene I have found it help me get to sleep faster and have more meaningful sleep.

Along with a good sleep routine I know that physical comfort while sleeping is also essential. I've been researching the importance of a good mattress and specifically studying about coil vs foam mattresses. We currently have a coil mattress and my fiance loves it but I find it extremely uncomfortable. I've been finding out all kinds of interesting facts about memory foam mattresses. So far I've found that all the benefits way outweigh the cons in my situation. If you recently have made the switch from a coil mattress to a memory foam matttess let me know how the outcome has been. Also, if you have any additional techniques that helps you to fall asleep please let me know as well.



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