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๐Ÿ  I've been wanting an air purifier ever since the pandemic hit.

๐Ÿ  I've been wanting an air purifier ever since the pandemic hit and this Roger Little air purifier is exactly what I had been looking for!! It removes 99.3% of SARSCoV2 (which causes covid19) and I love the modern looking design. It's also super easy to use and I feel confident knowing it filters all those pollutants and gases to keep our indoor air clean and healthy. The reason it works so well is because it continuously measures the quality of the air in our house and immediately detects gaseous pollutants like bad smells or volatile organic compounds. When it detects a problem with our air the air quality indicator on the unit changes color. I love how it has an intelligent auto mode and the cleaning is adjusted automatically according to what the air in our room needs.

We also love the design of this unit and how it has an easy to clean, washable, textile pre-filter. The filter gets rid of all the pollutants and fine dust with the innovative sanitized hygiene function. It also has a combo carbon and h12 hepa dual filter that works wonders. The H12 hepafilter gets rid of viruses, pollen, bacteria and dust particles and the activated carbonfilter adsorbs gases from our room air.

We've been using this Roger Little air purifier for about a week in the living room during the day and then at night we bring it in our bedroom. It helps so much with the quality of sleep and breathing so I'm planning on getting another one just for the bedroom. Jimmy has been having less problems with his sinuses and we love how fresh and clean the air is. Plus having 2 dogs, a cat and Zelah running around the house the air smells so much fresher and cleaner now. ๐Ÿ  If you've been thinking about getting an air purifier purifier I totally recommend the Roger Little!! To learn more about providing your family with cleaner air visit

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