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🌿 I've been using this Revelox HYDRALux organic face and neck serum for the past week.

🌿 I've been using this #Revelox HYDRALux organic face and neck serum as part of my skincare routine every morning and evening for the past week. 🌿 I love how it leaves my skin feeling soft and super hydrated all day and night. It has some of my favorite #skincare ingredients including 

hyalorunic acid, plant extracts, zinc, trace elements and vitamin B. #HydraLux is designed to restore and maintain skin moisture in a sustainable way and allows my skin to retain its water and prevent dehydration. 🌿 It's also an anti-inflammatory so it's great for acne prone skin too. I always try to look for skin care with  #hyaluronicacid because it improves my skin’s moisture balance and hydration plus fights against the effects of oxidative stress. To learn more and try it for yourself you can find it on @amazon ↪️


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