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🌿 I've been using these two products in my skin care routine for the past week.

🌿 I've been using these two #shyseven products in my skin care routine for the past week and have already noticed an overall improvement in the appearance and texture of my #skin ad.👱 I love that they're #plantbased, rich in #antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties along with essential vitamins. These ingredients are so important for dull, acne prone or inflamed skin issues like mine. What a great way to get healthy skin without toxic ingredients. The supreme enzyme mask is made of all natural fruit enzymes and I noticed after just one treatment that my face had a healthier glowing appearance. I didn't know until now that fruit enzymes have such a powerful ability to dissolve dead skin cells and reduce skin inflammation. I also love how smooth the mask texture feels and how easy it is to apply. 🌿 The glory serum is my new go to favorite for brightening and toning my skin. I've been using it every night for about a week and my favorite thing about it is how it makes my previously dry dull skin feel super hydrated and refreshed. To learn more about these plant based skin products and try them for yourself visit ➡



@shyseven currently has a free Skin Psych Survey to help people understand how their psychology may work when it comes to #skincareproducts and choosing the right products. You will learn about your unique skin and also receive a discount code at the end of the survey to use on a purchase!!!


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