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I've been playing a new ios game called #SetSmash

How are you all surviving being cooped up in the house? I've been playing a new game called #SetSmash. It's an addicting match 3 game that's more challenging than the rest of them out there like #candycrush that only has 6 candies to match. Set Smash is more of a logic based game and has a combo of 6 colors, 6 shapes and 6 numbers so there are lots of different fun ways to play. My favorite is the match the numbers mode and I also love the colors match. For some reason the match the shape mode is the most difficult for me. I played it for an hour last night while the rest of my family was asleep. It really helped get my mind off these scary times for a little while. 👪 I think this is a fun game for all ages! If you've been looking for a new #iosgame then Swipe Up in my highlighted story or download free here ➡




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