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🥱 I've been feeling absolutely exhausted lately so I visited Miri today and...

🥱 I've been feeling absolutely exhausted lately so I visited Miri today and found all the answers I was looking for! Miri is a friendly health and wellness AI companion from mirihealth! I love how this interactive app is available 24/7! It takes the knowledge of real experts and infuses it into a GenAI platform so when you ask it a health and wellness question it provides real responses from real experts that you can trust! Miri’s artificial intelligence companion quickly narrowed down reasons for my fatigue through our chat and generated a personal wellness plan for me based on our conversation and my health history. I was given excellent recommendations designed to help me manage my anemia and boost my energy levels! Check out my screenshots to see some of the chat conversation I had with the Miri my health and wellness companion! I also have screenshots of part of my health and wellness plan including nutrition and dietary changes, movement and exercise, lifestyle changes and supplements.

🫂 Miri isn't just an app; she's a friend and personal health and wellness coach powered by AI! You can ask Miri just about anything health and wellness related and work on being a better you and work on those areas from the comfort of home.#Mirihealth is currently in beta and is currently FREE through their website. It becomes a downloadable app by the end of this year and will then convert to a subscription. To learn more and have a chat with Miri visit


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