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🌻 I've been a huge fan of gymsegbe Korean Skincare products for years!

🌻 I've been a huge fan of

@gymsegbe Korean Skincare products for years because it works wonders with my dry, #agingskin! Its'my absolute favorite of all the #koreanskincare brands I've tried!! This trio are #musthaves!

🌻 The Advanced Brightening Gel Foam Cleanser penetrates my skin and washes away every spec of dirt, oil and dead skin cells! The foaming is designed to powerfully penetrate the skin's top layer and remove everything trapped in the pores. I love how super clean yet still soft and hydrated my skin feels afterwards.

🌻 The Thick As Thieves Pure Glycolic Acid Lactic Acid Extreme Gel Peel is unlike any other #glycolicacid product I've ever tried and I've tried many of them. I can actually feel it tingling & working and notice a huge difference. It's the most powerful #AntiAging night peel I've ever used. It chemically dissolves all those dead skin cells & blackheads plus closes large pores and gives me glowing, firm results everytime. Also love how it repairs #SunDamagedSkin and promotes new healthy skin growth. It can even be used for specific spot treatment.

🌻 The Multi-Elite Eye Cream is my got to for real wrinkle repair! It also lightens my dark lines, reduces puffiness and lifts the #saggingskin. I love how it protects my skin from UV damage too. It also stimulates collagen growth, hydrates, and reduces inflammation. I simply apply a thin layer around my eyes in the morning and before bed. I can always count on it to give me a refreshed look and calm any puffiness and dark circles.

🌻 I've been a long time user of @gymsegbe Korean Skincare products and always trust that their products are non-Irritating, non-comedogenic , oil-free and water based. Dermatologists developed & tested plus developed in South Korea and made on the USA. If you've been looking to try Korean skincare I totally recommend starting with this trio. You can find them at


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