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💚 I've been a fan of cbd for years and have tried many different strengths and ways to take it.

💚 I've been a fan of cbd for years and have tried many different strengths and ways to take it.

jireh labs tinctures are my favorites because tinctures are so precise and potent plus they're of the fastest-acting ways to take CBD.

💚 jireh labs tinctures are

the only cbd in the market with lecithin to maximize absorption. They're all responsibly sourced and come in 3 different strengths Mild 1000 mg, Regular 3000mg, and Extra Strength 6000mg.

💚 I got to try the Extra Strength CBD Isolate and the Full Spectrum extra strength! I'm super impressed with both and how affordable they are considering such potent strengths. The extra strength is perfect for me because it's for people already familiar with cbd and those who use it for specific wellness goals like mine! I take them for chronic back pain, insomnia and also to help with stress/anxiety.

💚 I typically take the CBD Isolate in the morning to help me feel calm and focused throughout the day! It works great for my daily wellness routine to help with stress and anxiety. It's made with pure cbd and is the perfect choice for getting all the benefits of cbd without any thc.

💚 I take the Full Spectrum for pain as needed and also take it at night for insomnia. It works fast and is super powerful. It contains a wider range of cannabinoids, including thc *within the legal limit of 0.3%. I actually prefer this over the Isolate for pain and sleep because it works better for me.

💚 Both are super easy to take by simply placing 1 full dropper (1 ml) under my tongue for 30 seconds. I also like to take them in my coffee and foods. Other ways are in tea, shakes and smoothies.

💚 If you've been looking for a non pharmaceutical way to help with pain relief, reduced anxiety and improved sleep check these tinctures out. If you're new to cbd I would recommend starting with the Mild 1000 mg strength. Right now you can try anything you like with a special coupon code for 35% off during their black Friday sale! The code is automatically added at checkout!


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