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🌈 I've always been a believer in positive affirmations.

🌈 I've always been a believer in positive affirmations because they're such a fun and effective way to practice self-love while promoting #mindfulness and confidence. When you repeat them often, and believe in them, you start to make positive changes in your life. Now that Zelah is reading on her own I have started teaching her all about #affirmations. 💞 I love how these cards from @vivienpap have been specifically created for children. The pack includes 32 beautiful cards that each have an affirmation/question and  adorable interactive pictures. We have been spending about 5 minutes a day for the past week reading these cards and talking about the importance of the #positiveaffirmations together. So far Zelah's favorite cards are * I can be anything I want to be and * I am beautiful inside and out. 🌈 It's never too early to start learning about mindfulness and the power of our thoughts. To learn more and try them out with your children visit @world_of_eniola or


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