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📳 I use my phone for everything so I always seem to be running on low battery!

📳 I use my phone for everything so I always seem to be running on #lowbattery  *especially when I need it the most! This innovative designer power bank from @ichargeeverything is a total life saver and unlike any other power banks out there. It has so many cool features and I love how it has the built-in charging cables so I can’t misplace them. 🦎  It's so easy to use and magnetically attaches to the back of my phone and tablets with this cool magnetic art charm #gecko! There's lots of different charms to choose from too like the baby turtle, panda, alien, surfer, skull, rose, pineapple, palm trees, red dragon, #eyeofra, 4 leaf clover and so many other cool designs.

My favorite thing about this #iChargeit power bank is how it charges my phone incredibly fast. For example, it will charge an #iPhone8 from dead battery to 60% in 30 minutes.📳 It's safe too and doesn’t get warm plus it can be recharged over 500 times using a standard micro USB cable. It can go from completely dead to 100% in a couple of hours using a standard USB wall charger. Another plus is that it's totally durable and has a rugged hard shell that looks and feels to be built to last for years. To learn more about this innovative power bank and get $5 off use Code: ICHG5 at


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