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🌿 I started taking Fibrosol Prebiotic fiber a few days ago.

🌿 I started taking Fibrosol Prebiotic fiber from @fibrosolhealth a few days ago. I love the taste-free powder option that come in these convenient on the go packets. I simply mix a packet in whatever hot or cold drink I want and it dissolves instantly!

🌿 I decided to start taking Fibrosol Prebiotic daily because its a natural way to restore the balance of good bacteria in my digestive tract. The reason #fibrosol works so well is because when good gut bacteria is nourished and allowed to multiply, it helps replace all that non-beneficial bacteria. This is great for overall digestive health, helps regulate blood sugar, boosts the immune system and improves the cardiovascular, metabolic and central nervous systems.

🌿 I'm already feeling some of the benefits although prebiotics do typically take about 2 weeks to get the full benefits! I will be following up next week with a second post with all the details of the full effects. In the meantime, If you would like to learn more visit


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