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🌿 I started my new detox journey with doctor morses Daily Detox Kit last week!

🌿 I started my new detox journey with doctor morses

Daily Detox Kit last week! This kit is a 4 formula protocol created by Robert Morse, N.D! It's always a good idea to detox to get rid of toxins that build up in your body caused by the foods you eat, the water you drink and the air you breathe. I'm taking these natural supplements to support the function of my body’s own detoxification process. Everyone's detox journey is different and a typical detox protocol is 90 days. Dr. morses protocol is different because it's made for daily, long-term use. It gives you continuous support without a set timeframe. I'm also eating a healthier diet along with taking these supportive formulas so I get the best results.

🌿 This kit includes everything I need for my gi, kidneys, bladder, endocrine and lymph system.

1. GI Daily for

2. Lymph Drainage Daily

3. Endocrine Daily *hormone health

4. Kidneys Bladder Daily

The ingredients include many of my favorite natural health and wellness supplements I know and trust. They're made with the best quality herbal formulas on the market extracted using traditional Chinese medicinal practices. These ingredients include bayberry, cleavers, echinacea, slippery elm, mullein, chickweed, eleuthero, and he shou wu.

🌿 These herbal organic formulas are ethically-sourced, consciously cultivated and vegan. A clean and natural way to help my urinary system, kidneys, bowels, lymphatic, and endocrine systems. I'm already feeling better and have only been on this regimen for a little over a week! I plan to post more updates about my results and how I'm feeling in a couple weeks! To learn more about how to naturally cleanse your body and live your best life visit


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