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I started a new skincare regime a few weeks and love my results!

I started a new skincare regime a few weeks and love my results! The 123FRÉ daily 3 step routine from @freskincare quickly and easily gives my skin a clean, healthy glow plus prevents breakouts. 🌞 My skin typically has a tendency to be dry and sun damaged, this regime helps prevent skin dehydration and the signs of aging plus protects from the sun! It's also super helpful with workouts because it guards against sweat induced skin damage.

This 3 step skin care routine is so quick and easy! First, I use the Purify Me to clean and help give my skin the hyrdration it needs. Next, I used the Revive Me serum for a deep replenishment. Lastly, I use the Protect Me super light moisturizer that also gives me some SPF30 protection from the sun.💚 I love how all of these products are dermatologist tested,

hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic so I don't need to worry about break outs

Another reason I feel good about using #freskincare is because they are all 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and PETA certified. Plus, for each purchase they plant an argan tree in Morocco. 💚 The ingredients are packed with antioxidants and all contain Argania Active Complex which is a formula that goes way beyond just #arganoil. This formula also includes leaf water and #stemcells of the #argantree. I think this routine is great for any active person who is wanting clearer, brighter, healthier skin focusing on anti-aging, sun protection and antioxidants.

@freskincare always has a 100% money-back guarantee policy. If you’re not satisfied within 30 days, they will give you a 100% refund on your first order (on any FRÉ Set excluding the MIGHTY NINE or 1 individual product).


💚 Try it for yourself with my 15% off discount code: SHANNANRN ➡️



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