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🍹 I recently tried #LIVLIFE from @enjoylifelabs and I'm amazed!

🍹If I even have two drinks I'm always sorry the next day!! I recently tried #LIVLIFE from @enjoylifelabs and I'm amazed! I had 3 drinks last night and didn't wake up with that tired nauseated feeling like I usually would of after three drinks. #Livelife is a completly natural hangover remedy that you take after drinking. It supports liver function, detoxifies your body & liver, provides electrolytes needed for hydration and replenishes lost vitamins. 🌱 I love how it contains a blend of all natural #plantbased ingredients! The key ingredient and why it works so well is because it contains DHM #Dihydromyricetin which is an extract from a Japanese Raisin Tree that promotes your liver's ability to metabolize the toxic byproducts of #alcohol!! 🍹 To learn more about this natural #hangover

remedy visit ➡️



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