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🌱 I received a bundle of plant based supplements from the the food movement a couple weeks ago!

🌱 I received a bundle of plant based supplements from the @the_food_movement_co a couple weeks ago and I'm thrilled with how much more energy I have and how much better I feel in general!!

I recommend them all but my favorite of all is the Black Earth Zeolite because it's such an effective way to detox my entire body naturally and rid my body of toxins from food, lifestyle and the environment. Plus it helps me achieve a healthy ph balance. The reason it works so well is because #Zeolite is a powerful deep cellular metabolism cleanser that promotes removal of wastes. Zeolite also supports a healthy inflammatory response and healthy intestinal barrier integrity. This blend contains the perfect amount of trace minerals which are extremely important because they help protect my body from long term damage and support the blood system and to maintain many other healthy body functions. #Humicacid includes mineral compound consisting of over 70 important #traceminerals. Also included is #FulvicAcid which has tons of benefits and is a mineral blend found in Humic Acid.

🌱 I also got to try #TheFoodMovement other important supplements including their unique Vitamin C plant based, Alkalize 55, Zeolite and Vitamin C pom. I trust this range of #plantbased products as all are made of clean ingredients and third party tested for safety and purity. 🌱 No harsh solvents or filler minerals are added to change the pH range. To learn more and try them for yourself visit


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