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💐 I rarely take the time to curl my hair! it's time consuming & never like the way it turns out!

💐 I rarely take the time to curl my hair because it's time consuming and I never like the way it turns out anyway! I'm so happy to of received this gift from @mysilkycurls!!! It's an quick and easy way to curl my hair and I love the results every single time! I can get #naturallooking mermaid, boho or #beachycurls instantly because the cylinder technology allows me to make curls however I want. I also love that there is no possible way I can burn myself because the device is encased and I simply drop my hair into it. The innovative design of the looping cylinder actually prevents any contact with my skin.

So fun to use by simply pressing *Power for 2 seconds to turn it on. Then I press the *Menu to select my temp, direction & timer one by one and press *Adjust to set my choice. I then divide my hair into sections, put a section in the curling chamber & press *Start to activate & the motor draws my hair into the curling chamber. I release the *Start button, after I hear the first beep then when I hear the final beep, my automatic curling is done! This automatic looping Iron is awesome and love how it's wireless, so take I can take it anywhere and curl on the go! I can also charge it in anywhere like my car or at home with the usb.


There's currently a HUGE SALE for the next 24 hours! 50% off #SilkyCurls! For Black Friday! Get an extra 20% off with my code: SHANNAN ➡️


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