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🌿 I managed to fade some of my dark spots with this VC Smart serum @glowpointnaturals in 2 weeks

🌿 I managed to fade some of my dark spots with this VC Smart serum @glowpointnaturals in just 2 weeks!! It fights dark spots by suppressing *melanin (responsible for the formation of skin pigment). I simply used it at night and then in the morning under my makeup. The #melanin suppressants in this blend are #Kojicacid and #Arbutin. It absorbs quickly and contains some of my favorite ingredients including vitamin C and kojic acid that oxidize when they come in contact with light and heat. It has an instant firming effect too thanks to the proglin peptide known as 'anti-gravity'. I also noticed an improvement in my #skintexture within about 5 days thanks to the 'youth hormone' #peptide. It also shrinks pores and scars within a month - thanks to the niacinamide, vitamin C, copper peptide, Gotu Kola and other #antioxidants. Another plus is that it moisturizes my #skin throughout the day and contains 5% hyaluronic acid, B5, and soothing and #brightening plants. Best of all it reduces #wrinkles and creates new collagen - thanks to a mixture of peptides such as Metraxyl 3000 copper peptide and more. This truly is an all in one solution and saves me time in the morning because there is no need to mess around with many types of #serums to solve different #skinproblems. 🌿

#VCSMARTserum is natural without parabens, alcohol, perfume. 🌹The fragrance is only from #rosewater. It's recommend to use the serum for at least two weeks to start seeing results and results are more evident after 28 days. 🌿 To learn more about this all in one solution visit






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