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🐸 I'm so impressed with this froggys lair!

🐸 I've had several fish tanks with all sorts of different filtration systems and they always end up being so time consuming to maintain and keep the tanks clean. I'm so impressed with this gift from @froggyslair because it requires almost NO maintenance!!!! The set comes with 2 adorable african drawf aquatic #frogs that Zelah named frogger and froggy. 🐸

🐸 The frogs were shipped to us next day and arrived perfectly healthy. In addition to the two frogs, the “lair” comes with a live bamboo stalk, bioactive sand, gravel plus several decorative rocks so the tiny frogs to swim or play hide and seek. Each #froggyslair tank cleans and conditions itself with very little care. Together, all elements work in harmony to create a completely filter-free #BioSphere habitat.

🐸 The set even comes with a year supply of frog food and they only need to be fed twice a week. No wonder educating toy store chain #LearningExpress recently named Froggy’s Lair as its Science Toy of the Year. I also got these fun clings to decorate the tank with! 🐸

To learn more about this practically no maintenance sysyem visit


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