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👰 I'm getting married this year!! I

👰 I'm getting married this year!! I don't have the exact date set yet but I've started my search for the perfect casual look. This silver wedding headpiece and freshwater pearl stud earrings giftset from sweetv jewelry are perfect! I still need to find the dress and the shoes!

This silver wedding headpiece is beautifully handmade with silver-tone leaves and shimmering crystal buds and sprigs. It's dotted with sparkling crystals, to catch the light beautifully as you walk down the aisle. The freshwater pearl stud earrings have a stunningly sharp luster and captivating iridescence with 925 sterling silver posts.

Check out all the gorgeous handmade headpieces, crowns and jewelry! Right now my followers can get 15% off any order with my exclusive code to shannan and hope you can bring the code: shannan


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