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💙 I love the innovative materials & color of these energy leggings & top set from insiderglobal.

💙 I love the innovative materials and the color of these energy leggings and top set from @insiderglobal! it's the best fitting and most comfortable yoga outfit I own. The #sportsbra is a #racerback with the perfect amount of firmness without tightening or leaving marks on my skin like other tops I have The leggings are the perfect length and have a wide side pocket for my cell phone during workouts, running, bike rides etc. The leggings are also squat-proof, meaning that they won't reveal too much even during aggressive workouts. My favorite things about this workout set is that it's form fitting without leaving marks, fast drying, moisture wicking and the anti odor material.

I also found some super cute and comfy underwear at the

#insiderglobal site! The low rise hipsters are my favorites! Also love the string panty though!! They're all made with special fabrics to protect from odor and have an additional lining of fabric in the inner part plus they dry super fast out of the washing machine. These underwear have a seamless finish that creates a no-show effect even when wearing leggings and they don't leave marks on the skin.


To learn more about the innovative materials used and see all the cool colors available visit https://insider.clothin



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