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🏠 I love everything about these multi-functional lamps I found on amazon!

🏠 I love everything about these multi-functional #lamps I found on amazon @akilidanae1. They come in a set of two and are impressively well made with a nice heavy sturdy weight to them. The linen shades are so pretty and the base of these lamps are made of premium metal that's coated with matte black and a beautiful #brass finish. It's rust-proof and has such a cool looking metal texture. The #lampshades are made of a cream colored linen. We all love the #touchactivated 3 way dimmable feature for controlling the brightness of low, medium and high. They are highly sensitive to touch so you barely need to tap them anywhere on the metal base and they instantly respond handy for turning the lamp on in the dark..Also great for kids and older people to easily and quickly operate.

One of my favorite things about these lamps is how they have 2 built in USB charging ports and an AC outlet so we can charge up to 3 devices at the same time. We use them for all sorts of things like ipads, tablets, kids games, phones, humidifiers, mini fans.etc. It's really cool how you can still use the charging function when the lamp off too. Such a great idea for keeping your space more organized by minimizing cords and if you have limited outlets..💡 The set even comes with 2 free energy saving led bulbs. Right now my followers can get a discount on this set with my code: 20IO3OS4 which doesn't expire until October 13th. ➡️




If you would like a chance to win a #free lamp visit @akilidanae1 *all you need to do is follow them, like and comment on their #giveaway.



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