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💜🌼 I love embroidered accessories!!

💜🌼 I love embroidered accessories!! These are the cutest and most comfortable slippers ever! I wear slippers around the house year round! These beautiful slippers from by many hands are my favorites! They're completely handmade in Nepal by skilled artisans! flora hand-knit using the reverse stitch for a little more added texture. Beautifully detailed handmade embroidery design includes chain stitches, bullion roses that seem to jump off the pieces, lazy daisies, and French knots.

💜 🌼 bymanyhands also has a beautiful collection of headbands, hand warmers, jewelry pouches, mittens, beanies , sun hats and a kids section. Swipe to see all my favorites and let me know which one you like best! Check out By Many Hands to see their entire collection of handmade accessories designed by talented Nepali artisans.



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