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🥑 I love avocados & knew they had several health benefits but had no idea they contain..

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

🥑 I love avocados & knew they had several health benefits but had no idea they contain a compound called AvoB. It's an important compound because it can alter glucose levels and activate metabolism at the cellular level. 

🥑 I've been taking Advanced Support products from metavohealth as part of my daily health and wellness routine. Love how they're sourced from avocados and are a natural way to boost my metabolism and maintain healthy weight and glucose levels. Plus, I get sustained energy throughout the day without the crash. I drink the Metavo advanced weight support meal replacement shakes for hunger control, weight management and maintaining lean muscle. It's available in chocolate or vanilla. I also take the Metavo advanced glucose metabolism support with berberine capsules to help maintain healthy glucose metabolism while supporting my cardiovascular health. 

🥑 The Advanced weight fat burning & energy support capsules are a clean way to boost my metabolism. They give me natural energy without the crash. Love how they contain the important ingredient AvoB plus a blend of other ingredients I know and trust including green tea and green coffee bean extracts.

🥑 All Metavo Health products are made with 100% natural Avocado and only clean, non-gmo ingredients are used. Plus they're vegan, gluten-free & keto friendly.

🥑 Learn more about the power of avocado supplements and use coupon code: NURSESHANNAN10 to save.


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