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I have a new skincare routine!! 🍉

I have a new skincare routine!! I've been using these @glowrecipe clean skincare products for the past week and love everything about them from the adorable packaging, and scents to the way they make my skin look and feel. #SkinBySkin.🌺 I have #dryskin and love how this gifted collection leaves my skin feeling hydrated and healthy all day. 🍉 My favorite of the collection is the watermelon moisturizer because it hydrated and gives my skin an immediate glow. 🥑 The avocado melt retinol eye mask moisturizes throughout the night and helps get rid of fine lines and puffiness. 🌺 The plum hyaluronic serum is a quick and easy way to de stress and plump my skin. To learn more about this all natural, fruit-powered skincare line visit ↪️



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