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👩‍🔬 🧪 I had the opportunity to take the Genate Test to see how my genetics impact my nutrition!

👩‍🔬 🧪 I had the opportunity to take the Genate Test to understand how my genetics impact my need for nutrition. It revealed to me where I have challenges metabolizing nutrition!.

🤰 This info is especially important if you plan on a pregnancy or are breastfeeding. The Genate Test is actually the first comprehensive prenatal genetic nutrition test that helps mothers understand how they share important nutrients with their developing babies. With the Genate test you’ll not only find out what nutrients (if any) are lacking, you’ll get a full report on what to do about it. It's super quick and easy to take too! You simply take the test from home with the saliva-based test, mail it in and then receive your precision nutrition report. After that you can review your personal action plan in a detailed report to manage your prenatal nutritional requirements and create a custom optimized nutrition plan for a healthier pregnancy.

📑 I love how this report shows how your unique genetics contribute to potential nutritional deficiencies that affect your baby's cognitive development If you plan on getting pregnant or are currently pregnant or

breastfeeding this test is a wonderful way to get peace of mind knowing that you are doing everything you can to make sure that you are setting your baby up for the best possible future. To learn more and try it for yourself visit



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