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🐱 I found this Sobaken flea and tick prevention collar for cats on amazon.

🐱 I found this #sobaken flea and tick prevention collar for cats on @amazon. It's a natural #flea and tick collar that fits all sized #cats because the collar is easily adjustable. My favorite thing about it is that it provides constant protection 24/7 for 8 months! ! It's also hypoallergenic and made of a new formula that is more effective than other collars out there. We haven't noticed our #persiankitty have any side effects and we like that's it's completely waterproof and doesn't lose any effectiveness after being submerged in water, bathing, rain etc. Cats can start wearing this color at around 3 months old and I think all cats that are old enough should definitely wear one at all times. ad 🐱 Another plus about this #catcollar is with every sold collar Sobaken donates $3 to organizations that are engaged in saving #animals. If you have a cat that is over 3 months old I highly recommend this natural pest protective collar ➡️


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