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🛍️ I found this set of beautiful gift bags at the NushNush store on amazon.

🛍️ I found this set of beautiful gift bags at the #NushNush store on @amazon. They come in a pack of 12 #giftbags with the perfect mix of colors for just about any occasion. I love how shiny and well made they are so they can easily be reused for lots of different things. They also have a strong cardboard bottom to prevent them from losing their shape and I love how the metallic glossy surface shines and #sparkles reflections under different lighting.

I think these bags are so beautiful for all sorts of different #giftgiving occasions like #birthdays, christmas, weddings, baby showers, valentine's day etc. This rainbow mix variety pack comes with two gift bags of each color purple, red, blue, hot pink, aqua blue and green. 🛍️ If you have a gift giving occasion coming up check these out because they're currently an awesome deal plus you can get an extra 15% off with my code: 15NurseShann ➡️



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