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🖼️ I found this beautifully detailed abstract art face mask at

🖼️ I found this beautiful detailed abstract art face mask @the_aartz. 🦄 I also found this adorable unicorn print mask there too (swipe left). I love the look, feel and fit of both of them. The inside fabric is made of 100% comfy, breathable cotton and has a pouch to put one of the two included PM 2.5 carbon filters. The outside of these masks are so vibrant and beautifully printed on durable polyester fabric. I love how all their masks have a hidden nose clip and adjustable ear loop straps so they fit perfectly on any face shape. 😷 One of my favorite things about these face masks is that they're #reusable machine washable and the colors don't fade! 🎨 @the_aartz currently has all sorts of #facemask designs including #abstract, contemporary, animal prints , motif, kids, neutral and more. Right now all their #masks are already 40% off and with my code you get an additional 30% off you order. Check them out and use my code: SHAN30 ↪️


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