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🖤 I found this beautiful rimayzi rose gold heart bracelet on Amazon.

🖤 I found this beautiful @rimayzi rose gold heart bracelet on Amazon. It has an elegantly curved designed with a minimalist hinge closure to add a delicate yet #glam touch to any outfit. Such a cool design and looks to be very well made with a no pinch hinge closure. The rounded hinge is so easy to put on and take off that even my 6 year old can wear it without problems. So #sparkly and I love the detail work polished to a mirror sheen in an #eco-riendly process. It even comes in a cute gift box making it a stunning gift for just about any occasion. 🖤 To see more details and the other designs available #butterlybracelet and #starbracelet visit the #rimayzi store on @amazon ➡️



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