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❤️ I found this beautiful rimayzi 14k gold plated hearts Red String bracelet on Amazon.

❤️ I found this beautiful @rimayzi 14k gold plated hearts Red String bracelet on Amazon. The red string bracelet design is inspired by traditional Chinese culture. Throughout history and across many philosophies, the #redstringbracelet has been worn for protection, faith, #goodluck, strength, and connection. While there are different views about the properties of #redthread, it's viewed as a powerful tool across many cultures. ❤️Today many people use it as a reminder that they're not alone. It's also a symbol of being loved, #supported and feeling safe and secure. For others, it's a prompt to #staypositive while facing any adversity.

Girls wear a single #redstring protection bracelet tied to the left hand to ward off evil spirits; if worn on the right hand, there is an expectation of the appearance of true love. A pair of lovers will wear the same red string bracelet, male left and female right, like a #lovetoken, representing the meaning of being together forever. ❤️ The red string bracelet also has the symbolic meaning of marriage, because the red string is the tool used by the legendary Chinese #matchmaker to give the destined person contact, single men and women wearing red string also helps to attract peach blossom luck, meet the destined person!

This bracelet uses a clever use of Chinese elements, combined with modern production processes. It has agate, copper coins, and other decorative objects integrated it. I love the the sparkle and especially the meaning and representation of it. The 14K gold plating is beautifully polished and very smooth. It's hypo-allergenic, delicate and totally comfortable to wear. Because of the meanings and philosophies behind this bracelet it would make a unique and meaningful gifts for family members, women, young girls, and the special friends in your life. ❤️This #goodluck bracelet is available on @amazon



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