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🍂 I found these unique long tassel leaf earrings at the btoym store on amazon.

🍂 I found these unique long #tassel leaf earrings at the #btoym store @amazon. These cute earrings can be worn in multiple ear holes in one ear in several different ways. They allow for lots of #creativity!! I figured out about 6 different ways to wear them but the way I'm wearing them in the pic is my favorite. You can also wrap the long tassel around your ear to give the look of a hoop, while also having the appearance of draping too. Super comfortable to wear all day and so light weight you don't even feel them at all.

I love the beautiful 18k white gold plating and strong 925 sterling silver that is hypoallergenic making them durable and the perfect earrings for sensitive ears. 🍂This leaf design is my favorite although they do come in many different designs and also yellow gold. Check them out and get 40% off with my code: 40BC31I7 ➡️




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