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🌈 I found these popping bubble fidget toys at the RainArco store on amazon.

🌈 I found these popping bubble fidget toys at the #RainArco store on @amazon. I'm surprised how they've quickly become one of Zelah's most played with toys!! The set includes 1 round, 1 square and 1 key chain. They're so fun to play around with as you simply press down on one of the little bubbles then flip it over and play again! We like how they make a satisfying pop sound and I think they're kinda addicting and for adults too!!

These #fidgetingtoys are a great way to promote tactile stimulation and have a calming effect. What a fun way for little ones to develop fine motor skills! Such an excellent option to relieve #stress and the perfect way to keep kids occupied just about anywhere like long waits in lines, appointments, car trips, grocery stores, traveling etc. 🌈 They can even be used as frisbees and are a clever deterrent for bad habits like nail biting etc. To learn more and try them out visit ➡️



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