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🏠 I found a new safe & clever way to keep areas in my house germ and virus free!

🏠 I found a new safe & clever way to keep areas in my house germ and virus free! These @osolumio lights are continuous disinfectants that kill up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on surfaces and the air around them too. They're chemical free and completely safe for people and pets because they use visible light and infrared light, unlike UV light disinfectants. I have 3 of them in three different sizes and love how they can be used just about anywhere. I have one in Zelah's #bathroom, one in the kitchen and one in our master bathroom.  They can be used in bedrooms, laundry rooms, garages and wherever else I feel like adding some disinfection germ free zones.

Did you know that #disinfection is another cleaning step we should all do regularly, especially during these times. Unlike cleaning or sanitizing, disinfecting reduces the risks of germs spread by inactivating bacteria. So if you continuously disinfect a certain area, that space becomes to be a #germfree zone.

Osolumio is also multipurpose with two modes of operation: #sterilization mode and regular lighting mode. I like to use them as night lights in the bathrooms and love how they can be easily adjusted to any angle. The LEDs are totally energy efficient and the cost is estimated to be around 40 - 80 cents per month so I really don't mind just leaving them on 24/7.  To learn more about this innovative, safe and cost effective way to create germ and virus free zones in your home visit ➡️




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