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How Vyncs Car GPS Tracker Brings Parents Peace of Mind 🌈

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

How Vyncs Car GPS Tracker Brings Parents Peace of Mind

Keeping teens safe while they are out in the world on their own has always been a challenge. Particularly, when it comes to driving, making sure that they are staying safe is important. Moms and Dads cannot always be there next to them when they’re driving to make sure that they’re not speeding or making risky moves. However, with Vyncs, life becomes a little easier for parents of teenagers.

Vyncs offers state-of-the-art GPS tracking for cars with the latest technology and a wide range of unique features that make it a top contender in the connected car market. Vyncs is the popular #1 best-selling connected car GPS tracking product in its category on many platforms such as with 2200+ five-star reviews. Vyncs is also supported in 200+ countries worldwide.

With the Vyncs app, you can have peace of mind about both your driver and your car, even when you’re not in the car next to your loved one. Vyncs offers powerful GPS tracking and connected car solutions that go way beyond just location tracking. From the best quality tracking while driving or parking, driver safety to car maintenance, many of the Vyncs’s features come handy in real-life situations more than parents can even imagine.

The Vyncs Link device analyzes car data on speed, rapid acceleration, harsh braking, idling time, etc. and assigns a driver score that represents how safely one is driving. For instance, you can view where the driver's speeding events occurred on the map. You can see how often your driver speeds with the Vyncs speeding histogram, which shows the amount of time the driver spends in certain speed ranges. This feature has proven helpful for drivers and is all the more important while tracking teen driving. The real-time tracking and monitoring features are ideal for parents who have new teen drivers and are especially worried when their teens take the car out without them.

The anti-car theft feature is another useful thing about Vyncs. If your vehicle is parked somewhere, Vyncs device wakes up once in every hour and updates the location in your account. So, if you don't get the hourly location update or you notice that the location has changed, then you may want to check out what is going on. If the device is unplugged and plugged back in, then Vyncs sends you a tamper notification. This comes handy when some teen drivers try to cheat, by removing the device when they leave home and plugging it back in when they are back home. The 'ignition on' reporting feature informs you every time your car is turned on. If you want to know every time the car ignition is turned on during certain "curfew" hours (timings can be personalized using your Vyncs app or web account), then this comes handy. Vyncs also tracks where, when, and for how long your car has stopped somewhere. You can also set up 'geofences' of arbitrary shape (not just a circular) from your account to check when your car enters and/or exits certain areas. Vyncs also alert parents if their teens try to use the car at odd hours and/or to unknown locations. In fact, all of Vyncs’s car monitoring features can relieve parents of a great deal of stress.

The Vyncs car GPS tracker comes with a 4G LTE device (if your area does not support 4G, then get the Vyncs 3G), a web account, and an app that you can download in any Android/iOS device. Fast speed, accessibility, and ease of use make Vyncs a popular choice, especially among parents.

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