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🌈 Hop into Spring with sonemone!

🌈 Hop into Spring with sonemone_official !! I love the spring colors of this beautiful Rainbow Stripe throw blanket! Perfect as an Easter gift for all ages. I also received this Multi Grometric throw that I will be using as part of my living room decor year round! These southwest throw blankets are lightweight making them perfect for lounging on the couch, or relaxing in bed. Gorgeous vibrant colors and a reversible design. I'm using these throw blankets as accents for our couch! You can easily mix them up with just about any style of decor, drape one over your couch, sectional, or bed to add style to any room!. These throw blankets are available in lots different designs but these two are my favorites:


Rainbow stripe spring design:


Multi Grometric year round design:

1 comment

1 Comment

Lani Vander Syde
Lani Vander Syde
Apr 11, 2023

She’s a doll baby!

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