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Heart & Soul Bath & Body Essentials 🛀

🛀 These #organic handmade bath and body essentials gifted from @__heartnsoul__ are the perfect way to get relaxed and rejuvenated. What a wonderful smelling bundle of #bathandbody essentials!! I especially love how they're all natural and handmade. It's such a convenient way to get all your #bathandbody goodies delivered to your door each month. Each box has 5 to 6 products (#bathbombs, sugar scrub, body butter, lotion, bath salt, body wash, lip balm, hand soap, etc). My favorite things in this month's box are the bath bombs because they smell so fantastic!!! I also love the cranberry sugar scrubs that fit right in the palm of your hand and you just need one scrub per bath or shower. 🛀 To try it for yourself and learn more visit ➡ .


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