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🐶 Have your dogs had a chance to try cbd yet?

🐶 Have your dogs had a chance to try cbd yet? I've been giving my pugs cbd for the past year and have found it to be helpful for all sorts of things. I give my younger pug the @suritypro calm soft chews to help with separation  when we're gone during the day because it helps relax her and it totally works wonders. I give my older pug the Healthy Aging chews because they have the best blend for my older pug. They help with so many things including cognitive function, joint flexibility, eye health and also contain antioxidants. Healthy Aging chews are made with cbd, green-lipped mussel, #lutein, and #zeaxanthin. 🐕🐾

It isn't recommended to mix and match the chews because the packages have recommended daily CBD amounts by weight so whatever chew is right for your dog is the way to go. Here are some other options: 🐶 The Multi Smoky Bacon chews is a combo that does it all! It helps maintain joint health and calms. It contains cbd from broad spectrum hemp extract blended with L-theanine, boswellia serrata and krill oil. 🐶 The Active Smoky Bacon soft chews help support joint health and flexibility. They're made with cbd from broad spectrum hemp extract blended with Boswellia serrata.🐾 There are also 3 different flavors of cbd oil well drops including roasted chicken, creamy peanut butter and smokey bacon. The well drops are designed to help improve your dogs overall well-being and are made with cbd broad-spectrum #hempextract combined with sunflower oil that's gentle on our dog's stomach. 

I feel confident giving my pugs #suritypro products because they contain natural ingredients thoroughly tested and responsibly sourced in the USA. They partner with #veterinarians, scientists, and leading academic institutions to create products that help pets live their best lives. To learn more and try them for your dogs visit




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